Double Purpose Machines Fog/U.L.V.

Double Purpose Machines

Fog/U.L.V. Fog 200



  • Compact design suits heavy duty even in wide UN paved areas.
  • Equipped With 13 Hp (Briggs & Stratton) petrol engine, with electrical starter.
  • Rigid chassis coated with electrostatic to suits heavy duty. 
  • Easy to switch between thermal Fog or Cold ULV
  • Easy to reset belts and changing belts tension.
  • Combustion Chamber, all its connections Fog Head Petrol Tank all of them are made of Stainless Steel.
  • Separate Petrol Tank for Engine 8 Liters (grants best and quick engine start without troubles).
  • Separate Petrol Tank for Combustion Chamber 50 Liter capacity made from Stainless Steel.